We need experienced hands to join our Harvest Crew and someone to help us create our value added products. Please see drop descriptions and details below for applying. Thanks.

If you feel the berry farm would be a good match for you, please answer the following questions and email them to adam@adamsberryfarm.com. After reviewing your information, if we think you might be a good fit with our farm, we will contact you to set up a phone interview. We will also require an on-farm, in- person interview as part of our full application process.

  1. Please tell us about yourself, your interests, your long-range plans, what motivates you, and why you want to work on a farm.

  2. Previous work related experience. (farming, landscaping, carpentry, kitchen work)

  3. Why do you think Adam’s Berry Farm would be a good match for your interests?

  4. Please tell us about your work and learning style. What inspires you?

  5. Do you have any special considerations we should know about? (e.g. health, injuries, other time commitments, vacations, jobs)

  6. When are you available and for how long?

Please include a resume and provide 2 references we can contact about related work.

Work Expectations

We are a fast paced, fun, hard working berry farm located in Charlotte Vermont about 10 miles south of Burlington in the banana belt of Vermont. We are looking for workers that have a minimum of one-years previous farming experience. Ideally candidates will have a desire to embark on a farming career or related agricultural pursuit. Workers will gain experience and proficiency in strawberry planting, organic soil health, disease and pest management, daily harvesting and post harvest treatment, pick your own operations, marketing, value added product production, hand weeding, cover cropping, mulching, trellising methods, pruning, perennial crop health, season extension through hoop-house management, fall hoop-house construction, basic equipment maintenance, irrigation layout and repair…

I expect coworkers to be engaged, efficient, be able to pick up tasks quickly, and creatively stay motivated through out the day and farm season. Humor while working hard and keeping a good pace is always plus. I try to keep it fun but I do have high expectations that I expect employees to do their best to maintain.

Employment will be 5-6 days a week with rotating weekend pick your own work. 45 plus hours a week. Because we are at the whim of nature, hours can be irregular. Wages will be dependent on experience.

Instruction and Training

I am a big believer in hands on learning at the farm. Though I do not offer an apprenticeship program, I try to explain the “why” behind the task so that it holds more meaning in the work. I am always willing to explain more or help source information to find the answer to an unknown question.


Wage will be based on experience.

Farm Setting

The farm is located in East Charlotte Vermont on the out skirts of Burlington. It is conserved through the Vermont Land Trust and will always be actively farmed. Prior to our new land, we spent close to a decade farming at the Intervale in Burlington. In 2013 we relocated to our beautiful new spot.

This marks our 18th season in business. We are a community-oriented farm that grows 15 delicious acres of certified organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and other small fruits. We take pride in the fact that 90% of our berries are distributed within a 15-mile radius of the farm through select restaurants and food markets and at the Saturday Burlington Farmers Market. We also operate a Pick Your Own that is open from June to the middle of October, beginning with strawberries and ending with fall bearing raspberries. We have a loyal and supportive customer base that frequents the farm.

We grow approximately 20 varieties of strawberries (hoop-house and field), 13 varieties of blueberries, (high bush and half highs) and 9 varieties of raspberries (summer and fall bearing). (hoop-house and field)

As far as products that we produce, there are the fresh berries of course. But we also make farm fresh preserves, popsicles and sorbets that are offered at our farm stand, farmers' market and other local outlets.  We also freeze berries throughout the season and sell frozen berries year round. We strive to provide our customers and markets with local organic berries year round.